I passed a crow along the way–
He helped me keep the dark at bay.
The dark that once was in my mind has
Turned to light
I think you’ll find.

I saw the crow perched in his tree–
I saw the crow as he saw me.
The crow, I saw, with solemn stare,
Was still as death–
Yet quite aware.

The crow who saw my spirit cry–
Before I chanced to pass him by–
He looked and looked yet made no sound.
Just watched my steps
On hardened ground.

I looked at him–
He looked at me–
From flimsy branch–
From leafless tree–

That’s when I felt the darkness break–
A caving in—a sudden shake–
A shake within but still outside–
The crow he looked at me–
With pride?

He spoke no words,
He cracked no grin.
I heard a voice come from within–
“You’re not alone” he seemed to say,
“You’re not alone along the way.”

And though I walked and passed him by,
I felt my spirit start to fly–
Soaring up past clouds of white,
The crow and I–
Outfly the night.

(C) 2021 Barbara Gray – no content may be used or reproduced without permission of the author.

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  1. Always keep your light. As bright as you are, no person or thing can keep you in the dark, unless you allow it. Stay strong, keep your positivity in front.


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