Are we not all

A mixture of love

And self-loathing?

A combination of pure

And defiled

Of the tame

And the wild?

Are we not animals

In conscious form?

Are we not spirit

With bodies warm?

Are we not moral?

Are we not corrupt?

Are we not flowing beneath the surface

Waiting to erupt?

Are we not in all

And of all

And above all

Both love

And the fall?

Are we not the light

And at once the shade?

Are we not in the image of God made?

Are we not weary of illusion

Of purposeless thought

Are we not drowning in delusion

Left barren with what we bought?

Those with ears may hear

And eyes may see

Yet few seek the knowing

Of the eternal Be.

(C) 2021 Barbara Gray – no content may be used or reproduced without permission of the author.

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